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Our Advice on Erectile Dysfunction and Relationships & How You Can Strengthen the Bond with Your Partner

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the most prevalent kinds of sexual debilitation. In fact, about 20 percent of all men suffer from ED at one time or another, and a man faces increasing odds of acquiring this condition as he ages. When a man is dealing with ED, it often affects the emotional health of his romantic partner.

Couples often dislike discussing erectile dysfunction and relationships, as negative thoughts and self-conscious feelings may arise and begin to create a gap between the man and woman. If a couple handles this disorder in a certain way, however, it can be overcome, and it does not inflict lasting damage on the relationship.

Should you already know of the effects of ED on relationships and are looking to combat it, you can purchase Viagra. Here are a few examples of the emotional turmoil that can be caused with erectile dysfunction and relationships.

ED & Relationships Can Cause Blame, Guilt, and Anger

Erectile dysfunction does more than simply remove a sexual activity from a partnership. It can have significant psychological effects on women. That is, a man will sometimes blame his erectile difficulties on his significant other — sometimes in indirect ways. For instance, a man might say something like the following: “I never had this problem before I dated you.” Although this statement does not directly fault the woman for the ED, it does imply that she’s at least partially to blame. Occasionally, women hold themselves responsible for ED even after their partners explicitly tell them that they’re not to blame. A woman might even begin to wonder if her partner now finds others more attractive than her.

As a result, women under these circumstances frequently have feelings of guilt and low self-esteem. It’s also common for couples to experience elevated levels of stress after ED strikes. Bitterness and resentment — even outright anger — might persist as well. Both partners could start acting coldly and curtly to one another on a routine basis. Eventually, the woman might initiate an affair with another man, or one person might decide to end the romance.

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Erectile Dysfunction and Relationships: Fight or Flight?

In some cases of ED, romantic partners opt to continue the relationship and to resign themselves to the situation, thus depriving themselves of sexual intimacy over the long haul. Occasionally, couples will avoid mentioning the problem altogether; they might try to deny to themselves that the difficulty even exists.

Fortunately, however, there are a number of effective ways of dealing with erectile dysfunction. When a man begins suffering from ED, he and his partner should sit down as soon as possible to discuss the matter in a forthright and nonjudgmental manner. It’s likewise helpful for both people to learn as much as they can about ED — in particular, the medical causes and the various remedies that are available. This kind of self-education can take away a great deal of fear and shame. Indeed, there’s real reassurance in knowing that millions of happy and healthy couples worldwide have wrestled with this condition. At last, the partners should resolve to find a course of treatment that will put an end to the ED.

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Seeking Professional Help for Erectile Dysfunction and Relationships

The next step is for the man to make an appointment with his doctor to see if a certain kind of medication would work. It’s also possible that a prescription drug that he’s already taking is inducing sexual apathy or making erections difficult for him to attain. In that case, his doctor might be able to prescribe him a different kind of medicine, one for which ED is not a typical side effect. You can check out various prescription drugs for ED here. You can also determine what to do post an ED diagnosis here.

Be aware, however, that in 10 to 20 percent of ED cases, a psychological issue is responsible for the dysfunction. Depression, work-related stress, and the lingering emotional effects of child abuse are just three potential psychological causes of ED. Therefore, some form of counseling — perhaps couples counseling or even sex therapy — might prove to be the most effective means of addressing the issue.

Using Erectile Dysfunction to Strengthen Relationships?

The good news in all of this is that lovers often experience a stronger attraction to one another after they triumph over ED. In part, that’s because they enjoy renewed sexual confidence. The man might finally be free of a longstanding — perhaps subconscious — fear of bedroom inadequacy. And both partners might discover a newfound appreciation for their sex life. Moreover, whenever you go through a personal crisis with someone by your side all the way, it’s natural to feel a stronger bond with that person and a greater sense of gratitude for his or her presence in your life.


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