Tips to Help You Overcome Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

As your body ages, your ability to perform physical activity decreases. This not only includes your ability to participate in vigorous exercises or sports, but it can also include your ability to keep an active sexual life. The most common reason for sexual activity to decrease is because of erectile dysfunction. There is not one specific reason for why erectile dysfunction occurs. However, as men get older, a large percentage of them will experience this condition. Fortunately, there are natural ways to try and prevent this condition, and if you are already suffering from erectile dysfunction, these natural remedies can help to improve your sex life.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Like so many other diseases, keeping a healthy weight can help to prevent erectile dysfunction. When individuals are overweight, then there is an increased risk for lower testosterone levels. According to the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, when the waist size increases by four inches or more, there is a 75% chance that the testosterone levels will be lower. Maintaining a healthy weight is not just limited to men who are overweight. Men who are underweight should aim to increase their weight to a healthy level; therefore, their testosterone levels may increase, and this will further reduce their chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Get Enough Sleep

According to Dr. George Yu, a urology professor at George Washington University, sleep has a direct effect on erectile dysfunction. If men do not get enough sleep, then their testosterone levels will be lower. Not getting enough sleep causes the chemicals in the body to be imbalanced. In fact, a small study published in U.S. News found that 46% of the men in the study who had sleep apnea also suffered from erectile dysfunction. However, once the men were able to get enough sleep, only 5% of the men still suffered from erectile dysfunction.

Quit Smoking

A third way to decrease the possibility of erectile dysfunction is to quit smoking. When individuals smoke, this causes the arteries to be clogged with plague. Plague will cause circulatory problems, and this will eventually lead to erectile dysfunction. A study presented at the American Heart Association indicated that over 15% of men who smoked cigarettes had experienced erectile dysfunction. Additionally, the study also found that men who smoked in excess of 20 cigarettes per day drastically increased their chances of erectile dysfunction. In some cases, this increase was by more than 60%.


Getting daily exercise also decreases the chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction. Testosterone is the driving force in sex; however, if your body does not move often, then your brain develops the belief that your body does not need much testosterone. As your body begins to exercise more, then your brain will begin to think that you need more testosterone. Exercising does not have to mean that you are running five miles per day, but it can simply mean that you are walking for 10 to 20 minutes every day. Dr. Wayne Hellstrom, a professor at Tulane University School of Medicine, indicated that when men experience erectile dysfunction, it can be a resemblance of what is going on with the rest of their body.

Reduce Stress

Being in high stress situations can also be a cause of erectile dysfunction. According to Dr. Martin Miner, who is the director of the Men’s Health Center at Miriam Hospital, men can do some simple activities to reduce their stress. First, they can stop working so much, especially if they are putting in long work hours. As the body becomes more stressed, it begins to produce cortisol, and this keeps testosterone from being produced. Second, men can also set aside time each day to do an enjoyable activity. This activity can be some type of workout, or it can simply be reading a book.

Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction is something that many men are experiencing. However, there are ways to develop a better life. By simply changing a few bad habits and engaging in a physically active lifestyle, men will begin to develop a higher sex drive. Although there are tons of supplements being advertised to treat this condition, natural treatments are some of the most effective methods for treating this condition.