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Why Age is an Important Factor to Consider When Taking Tadalafil?

Importance of a Physical Examination

Erectile dysfunction is a health condition affecting many men as they age due to degeneration of muscle tissue in the body along with the impaired blood blow. Men will often seek treatment for this medical problem to continue enjoying intimacy with a partner. A physician will first evaluate a patient’s overall health before making any recommendations for treatments including prescription medications. In addition to a physical examination to check for abnormalities such as an enlarged prostate or growths in the male reproductive or urinary tract system, a physician will order laboratory tests to check for other conditions. Erectile dysfunction can have several causes including lack of hormones, diabetes or cardiovascular disease that require treatment first.

Many Men Experience Erectile Dysfunction

Approximately 20 percent of men in the United States will experience erectile dysfunction during their lifetime. One in five males will contact a physician about this health care problem as they age reports Medical News Today. Before prescribing medication such as tadalafil, a physician must consider a man’s age and additional medications. Men should inform physicians about supplements they are ingesting such as Saint-John’s-wort and vitamins. Also marketed under the name Cialis when used for erectile dysfunction, this medication is a PDE5 inhibitor designed as a tablet by pharmaceutical companies. This phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor assists with preventing additional damage to smooth muscle tissue of blood vessels throughout the human body. The chemical’s unique qualities make it appropriate for erectile dysfunction conditions under certain conditions in men.

Side Effects of Tadalafil

Tadalafil can cause side effects such as severe headaches in approximately 10 percent of patient states Dr. Ray Sahelian. Men have also reported additional side effects such as nasal congestion, nausea and dizziness from Cialis medication. Larger doses of tadalafil are often the cause of adverse reactions. Physicians should warn their patients to use only the recommended dosage at the correct times to prevent experiencing adverse effects. Physicians prescribe tadalafil to patients as an as needed medication or for use each day. The availability of Cialis leads many men to ingest additional tablets before intimacy to ensure better performance, but instead has caused dangerous health complications including sudden hearing loss. Physicians prescribe tadalafil medication in various strengths determined by a man’s health, body weight and age.

Reducing Side Effects with Low Doses

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Cialis in 2003 as the third erectile dysfunction medication for males as a once a day or as needed medication. Researchers report that each tablet of tadalafil has an effect of approximately 36 hours for a male diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Originally, pharmacies offered tadalafil at high doses that caused several side effects requiring additional studies by medical researchers. Today, physicians typically prescribe a lower dosage to patients to avoid side effects such as muscle or back pain from vasodilation or enlarged blood vessels. A male’s age and health are an important factor for a physician to consider before prescribing tadalafil for erectile dysfunction.

Adverse Reactions in Older Males

Erectile dysfunction medication can affect other health conditions that commonly occur in men after age 50. Tadalafil can also interact with other prescription or over-the-counter medications leading to health risks for patients. It is important for patients to understand that the chemicals in PDE 5 inhibitors affect blood vessel’s muscles throughout the entire body including the heart, brain and liver. Many physicians avoid prescribing tadalafil to men over age 65 due to the risk of causing serious adverse reactions such as heart attacks or strokes. This is because many men in this age group also have heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus.

Reactions with Other Medications

In addition to having complications from other medical conditions, physicians are concerned about interactions with additional medications such as blood thinners and insulin. It is especially important for patients to tell physicians about their other medical conditions when requesting treatment for erectile dysfunction. Physicians will want to communicate with a patient’s other health care professional before prescribing tadalafil. Patients should also avoid taking other individual’s erectile dysfunction medication to prevent dangerous reactions. Men should never order tadalafil or Cialis by mail from other countries without first having a complete physical examination by a medical expert. Physicians typically will prescribe a low dose of Cialis or tadalafil to healthy males over the age of 40 who have long-term erectile dysfunction not caused by prostate problems as stated by Drugs Information Online.