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Drugs begining with "M"

Name Aliases
Macrobid (Nitrofurantoin, Nitrofurantoin Macrocrystalline)
Macrodantin (Nitrofurantoin(Macrocrystalline))
Malarone (Atovaquone / Proguanil Hydrochloride) Malarone Paediatric
Malarone Paediatric (Atovaquone / Proguanil Hydrochloride) Malarone
Malaseb (Chlorhexidine Gluconate / Miconazole Nitrate)
Mannitol (Bronchitol)
Maprotiline Hydrochloride (Ludiomil)
Maraviroc (Selzentry) Celsentri
Maropitant Citrate (Cerenia)
Mavenclad (Cladribine)
Mavik (Trandolapril)
Maviret (Glecaprevir / Pibrentasvir) Mavyret
Mavyret (Glecaprevir / Pibrentasvir) Maviret
Maxalt (Rizatriptan Benzoate)
Maxalt RPD (Rizatriptan Benzoate) Maxalt Wafers, Maxalt-MLT
Maxalt Wafers (Rizatriptan Benzoate) Maxalt RPD, Maxalt-MLT
Maxalt-MLT (Rizatriptan Benzoate) Maxalt RPD, Maxalt Wafers
Maxidex Ophthalmic Ointment (Dexamethasone)
Maxidex Ophthalmic Suspension (Dexamethasone)
Maximum Strength Pepcid (Famotidine) Pepcid, Pepcid AC

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There are a few ways to buy prescriptions online. The easiest way is to use an online pharmacy to fill your prescription and they will mail your prescription medications to your door.

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