Emergency Care for Seniors

Emergency care for seniors is often not given the proper attention it needs. Part of the reason that this happens is because medical professionals do not have a thorough knowledge on caring for the elderly. Since elderly patients usually suffer from more than one health issue, it is vital that professionals have the right understanding of elderly care. Unfortunately, many people deem elderly care as lower on the importance scale than the health care of younger generations.

Interestingly, even among elderly patients, research shows that, after going through emergency care, many of the individuals are able to resume their regular lives after they recover. However, more than half of people who are over sixty-five years of age generally get their needed emergency care from emergency rooms instead of specialty centers.

Many of these emergency facilities are not making any steps to change the care that they provide to seniors. However, the centers, which are making the changes, are doing so through construction improvements to the physical building, the purchase of upgraded equipment, and using advanced methods to keep up with elderly patients’ medical histories and records. The medical information is vital since it will contain information on how to handle the patient’s own medical problems. This history will include, not only current illnesses, but also past surgeries, diagnoses, medications, and procedures that the patient underwent. This information can be very helpful since many patients in emergency situations cannot tell the physician just what illnesses they have and what medications they take. Many patients are in severe pain, are under a great deal of stress, or are not cognizant, and they cannot convey pertinent information to their physician.

Another way to care for elderly in case of emergency situations, there is specialty equipment available, which can be a great aid. With one system, the patient wears a button, which they can press and be in immediate contact with an emergency-trained medical staff member. The system includes a small pendant, which must be worn around the neck all of the time since it will be readily available in any emergency situation.

Much of senior care has been pushed to the side and even neglected in the past, but steps are now being taken to make changes to this and emphasize the need for proper care. Unfortunately, the disregard has been going on for so long that it takes time to make proper changes. When we were younger, two or three decades ago, these elderly patients were caring for us. Do we not owe them something of the same? These seniors have been giving citizens and loving family, so the answer is yes, we owe them that much and more.

Everyone deserves proper medical and emergency care, whether they are elderly, children, or young adults. Many people prefer to ignore the fact that age has become a big factor in the type of emergency care that people are provided. However, we must recognize this in order to make the changes that will put the importance on the elderly that they deserve. It is already unfortunate that many elderly people go without the medicine they need because they cannot afford the high costs. It becomes even worse when they are treated without respect or proper care that anyone deserves.