12 Months of Giving: World Vision International

We at Planet Drugs Direct, a prescription referral service that helps consumers to find affordable prescription medications, have resolved to engage in a monthly charitable giving effort to a different charity during each month of the year. As part of our program of “12 Months of Giving,” we are excited to be focusing on this month’s charity, World Vision International.

Planet Drugs Direct is an online pharmacy business that reliably matches people to the best available deals for prescription and non-prescription medicines and to drugs for their pets as well. Planet Drugs Direct is a trusted service that offers help to consumers throughout the world in their search for low-cost medicine.

We are unified in our belief in the importance of making an ongoing contribution to support many of the most effective non-profit organizations in the world. The charitable giving program, entitled “12 Months of Giving,” works by raising money through events planned by Planet Drugs Direct employees during each month of the year. During each month of the year, a different charity will benefit from the our fundraising efforts.

The “12 Months of Giving” program does not, in any way, affect the normal business of the company or the prices consumers pay for our products. The emphasis of the fundraising is a direct appeal to potential donors rather than additional fees to the cost of the products sold by the Pharmacy. Each of our staff members are not only encouraged to donate on their own to our causes, but to engage in creative ways to find others who are interested in donating.

In the spirit of fun, our staff are organized into teams, who then compete for the largest amount of donations. The winning team is usually awarded a nominal prize, such as a free movie, for its achievement.

During the month of October, 2015, World Vision International will be our focus for fundraising. During this month, our staff at Planet Drugs Direct will participate in a Halloween candy gram event, among other things, to raise money for the charity.

Founded in 1950 and now one of the largest organizations of its kind in the world, World Vision International works to provide humanitarian aid, to advocate for and to develop areas of the world most in need. This Christian organization has in the past been active in helping orphans in several countries throughout the world, including Uganda, Romania and Somalia. In many cases, the children lost their parents to disease, wars or simple neglect. Today, World Vision International has expanded its work to over 100 countries around the world. The mission of World Vision International has and will be to continue to improve the lives of over 100 million people worldwide.