How High Energy Music Improves Your Workout

If you’ve ever thought listening to music while working out makes you go harder, you just might be right. Music may be a very powerful tool when it comes to burning more calories during your workout. Listening to high tempo music during exercise can be beneficial both mentally and emotionally for your body.

The Evidence

A study published in Frontiers of Psychology provides evidence that listening to high tempo music during exercise can help distract you, making workout seem easier. This means you work harder to burn more calories. This study followed 19 women during low and high intensity workouts. Their heart rates and exertion levels were assessed with no music as well as three different levels of music. Overall, the study showed that metabolic demand during exercise as well as the exertion showed big changes when listening to high energy music. The study results also showed the most beneficial effects were seen in the higher endurance exercises.

Elevate Your Mood

When you feel good, it’s much easier for most people to push harder through their workout. Endorphins are naturally released when you exercise. These magical chemicals are also released when you listen to music that gets you dancing and moving in delight. Music that enhances your mood often allows your mind to escape. Many people aren’t thinking about the treadmill when they’re happily listening to music that’s taken them to another land. The upbeat music combines with your release of endorphins to pump up your workout.

Set Your Pace

Music is a great way to keep the pace while working out. It sets a beat so you’re able to better move with the rhythm of the music. The music’s rhythm signals the brain to move. This helps the person push through their workout because it signals the body to utilize their energy more efficiently. This then leads them to hold a steady pace their individual body can handle during the workout.

It’s Not Just About Weight Loss

Many people think negatively about working out because they think it’s only about losing weight and burning calories. They get bogged down with these things and worry results take too long. Music helps these people because it takes away the pressure of weight loss. They aren’t into simply thinking about the calories burning, but are thinking more about the overall experience. Besides concentrating on music, their bodies are concentrating on more than just weight loss. The body is now also reaping the benefits of lower blood pressure, better sleep, better mood, and enhanced digestion.

Faster Recovery Time

Your stride in a high-paced song is fast. Your heart is pumping quickly as it works out to the fast music. You can bring down this heart rate with a slow song. If you notice, most fitness classes use slow, relaxing music for recovery time. Music works with the heart bringing the rate up and down. Relaxing music after a fast workout with fast music brings the heart rate down faster than silence.

Run Faster and Further

Listening to high energy music is proven to help many people run faster and further. In this study, measures of exertion, running speed and heart rate were taken while participants ran on a treadmill. They were listening to different tempos of music. Those that listened to the fastest music showed enhanced speed and distance. This could be due to the fact music distracts the body and mind allowing people to concentrate on the music instead of the movement.

Enjoy the Workout

A study showed that people actually enjoy working out more when they play fast music. It showed that music regulated beta waves in the brain leading to more dissociative, positive thoughts. This means many people enjoy their workout more when listening to music. This usually helps people workout longer and at higher intervals because they actually enjoy the exercise instead of dreading it.


High energy music makes many people want to move. Dancing and movement increases your overall effort when working out. It helps your body and mind push past limits. It helps you forget about the pain as you workout. You aren’t listening to your breathing or other sounds of exertion in your body. You’re moving and listening at the same time. This helps many people like marathon runners be able to move consistently for 26 miles. It even helps people lifting weights to push through the toughest weights for them because they aren’t concentrating on the tough task of lifting a heavy weight. Fast music is motivation to dance and move without restrictions.


High energy movement is fun to most people. They get excited to make a playlist for the gym or running a few miles. They commit to working out because they know they get to listen to this fun playlist. They get to dance and move while they actually workout. They know fun music will be the push they need to keep them going throughout the entire workout. Enjoying the workout is half the battle of actually getting to the gym.

Next time you feel yourself dancing to the beat of a fast song, remember that feeling. Bottle it up and get a playlist ready to hit the gym. You’ll burn more calories and workout longer when you have music pumping that gets you through your workout.