Reducing Digital Eye Strain

Eye strain is a direct result of spending large amounts of time staring at computer screens. Most people have jobs which require long days of computer usage, so some eye strain is inevitable. Even though computer use is required, eye strain is still perfectly avoidable. Headaches and dry eyes are not fun after a long day at work.

eye strain

Breaks and Palming

Give your eyes regular breaks to prevent burnout. Be sure that you are taking a 15 minute break for every two hours spent in front of the screen. You can also cover your eyes with your palms for a brief amount of time to give your eye muscles a bit of time to relax. Make a conscious effort to relax your eye muscles when covering your eyes up. If you don’t have time to do this, even a blink can help produce tears that lubricate your eyes.

Bright Monitors and Good Lighting

While bright monitors may seem as if they were burning your eyes, increasing your monitor’s brightness can allow your eyes to focus. Bright monitors don’t flicker as often, thus reducing the amount of time that your vision path is disrupted. Good office lighting also creates an environment which prevents additional eye strain. Some individuals even go as far as buying ambient lamps to create soft light in their workspaces.

Eye Drops and Corrective Lenses

Corrective lenses can help improve your eye focus. These lenses will improve your field of vision. Eye drops are artificial tears which can lubricate your eyes and keep them from drying out. Use both in combination as a safeguard against dry eyes. There are even computer glasses which are designed to protect eyes. These computer glasses are specifically designed for those people whom don’t require corrective lenses.

Visit The Optometrist

There is no substitute for a full eye exam with dilation. An appointment with an optometrist means that your complete vision health will be assessed. The optometrist will also determine if you need corrective lenses in order to see properly during this appointment. Many find that corrective lenses can do plenty to reduce eye strain.

A little bit of prevention goes a long way in ensuring that you can live without eye strain. These steps may seem trivial, but you’ll be able to enjoy more of your life outside of work. You will still have enough energy to work on your side project than wanting to go directly to bed when going home.